All Good Things (2010) - A Review

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Movie: All Good Things (2010)
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst, Frank Langella
Rating: 4/5
Director Andrew Jarecki's amazing portrayal of a true story that follows the most notorious unsolved murder mystery in the history of Newyork. It is a love story of a sick individual named David Marks who is haunted by his inner demon and the supposed suicide of his mother. He finds refuge in a pretty girl named Katie and marries her. David's dark side tries to overcome him at various instances in the film and he finally gives in to it.
The movie is about a sick man's love for his wife pitted against his rage and inability to control himself. The film is exceptionally well-written and directed and Kirsten Dunst has given a classy performance showing that she can act and is not just a girl next door.
The cast overall has acted to the script with Gosling and Langella sharing the screen in some intense situations. The chemistry between Dunst and Gosling as Mr. and Mrs. Marks is awesome and although Dunst lacks some assets she really sizzles in some very well made romantic scenes.
All Good Things forces a critic to only utter good things about it. The best way to appreciate this well made film is to watch it and admire the acting! Two thumbs up!
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