Hollywood and Bollywood Movie Reviews - The Conjuring

Hollywood and Bollywood Movie Reviews - The Conjuring

Hollywood and Bollywood Movie Reviews Conjuring

The Conjuring is a great addition to the pure ghostly horror movies in the history of cinema. With gore and thrill, mutation and craze taking over the horror film genre in both Hollywood and Bollywood movie reviews have shown that the general scare factor of an average horror flick has diminished. The Conjuring brings that scary chill and delivers it right to the depth of your bones. A perfect portrayal of a ghost story with a demonic entity bent on destroying a family is what is to be expected when you decide to watch the Conjuring. 
As with most of our Hollywood and Bollywood movie reviews we will try to look into the production values, the acting, editing and direction of the film and give a verdict as to how we rate the film overall. The film has great production values with very scary special effects and sleek editing. The story is coherent and the direction is sharp. The cast on the whole has done a great job and created a memorable experience.

Rating: 8/10   
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